Our Story

OkieB was created with one idea in mind: Simplicity. As a growing family, we always enjoyed visiting other cultures, and we admired how simply so many people live. During our travels around the world and across the country, we were proud to expose our children to places where virtually nothing was “disposable” – not food, clothing and especially not family traditions. Our adult children are now embracing these experiences as they begin their own families.  

So today our family (Grandma, Grandpa, Son and Daughter-in-law) has started a new tradition by creating OkieB, a company helping to bring back the simple idea of life without “disposable” conveniences. Inspired by the birth of our first Grandson, we’ve started at the beginning and are focused on how we care for our most precious gifts of all, our babies and children.

Today the centuries-old tradition of the re-usable cloth diaper is once again gaining acceptance in the United States.  More and more parents are now facing up to the realities of our “convenience culture” and discovering that it’s not so convenient after all. Convenience always comes with a cost—in money, waste, time and quality. Today’s young parents understand this and are less willing to make these trade offs. 

It is to this new generation of parent that we have dedicated our reusable, recyclable, and fun modern cloth diaper.

We created a trial bundle so you can try our diapers on your Little!

Looking for a cost effective way to build your cloth diaper stash?  Check out our Build Your Stash program. Plans starting at $19.95 for 2 diapers per month!



All the best,

Jason, Daria, Reuben, Bonnie