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Cloth Diapering On The Go 🚗✈️🚇🚎 What goes in your #DiaperBag when you're a cloth diapering parent? Cloth diapering on the go is possible & it's not as difficult as you may think ☝🏾 I had a few diaper bags (imma bag lady type) – but my go to was my @thirtyone All-in-one tote. It was super roomy and had tons of pockets. I was able to fit multiple changes of clothing, my wet bag, my cloth wipes (or disposable wipes) and wipe solution in a spray bottle, toys, snacks, and even my toddler sized @tulababycarriers. I still had room so that I could put soiled diapers and wipes into the wet bag. Next question: How do you change a cloth diaper while you're out? What if there is poop?! Easy. The same way I'd change a disposable diaper. Except you don't diaper. You put the soiled diaper in your wet bag. The wet bag is proof and smell proof. This will secure the diaper until you're able to get home and add it to your home dirty diaper storage. Poop in public? There are a few ways to tackle this: 1. Add a disposable liner before heading out. That way you can just toss the pooo filled liner into the toilet. 2. Plop as much poop as you can into the toilet. Roll the diaper up – put it in the smell proof wet bag. Don't forget, what's simple for me may not be simple for someone else. Some cloth diapering parents just opt to use disposable while they're on the go. That's fine too! Remember- there is no ONE way to cloth diaper and cloth diapering caters to YOU. ☝🏾

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