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Here at OkieB we think it’s important to make cloth diapers available to all families. It’s a healthy choice for baby and it has a huge positive impact on the planet.

We aren’t the only ones who feel that way. The Rebecca Foundation has made huge strides helping endless families, blessing them with the gift of cloth diapers. Rebecca and her mother Amanda started the foundation in 2012, when Rebecca was only 9 years old. They understand that some families can’t keep up with disposables because of the constant need for more, and are unable to cloth because of the upfront investment. They found a way to help by easing the initial cost. They loan cloth diapers to families for up to one year. During that time the families are able to slowly build their own stash or use their diaper money on other baby expenses. After a year the diapers are returned, cleaned and sent to another family in need. We are really blown away by the fantastic program they have built!

This month we sent over a case of cloth diapers, as well as inserts and wetbags. We couldn’t be more excited to contribute to such a wonderful organization. It wouldn’t be possible without our OkieB family. You guys make our donations possible. Please find The Rebecca Foundation on social media, check out their website w and tell your friends. Together we can do so much good for the community. #cloth4all

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  • Daria Ezzat-Ahmadi
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