Pups and changes!


                What a month it has been! Jason and I have 4 dogs, Baron you’ve met, he’s our toddler Pit we found in downtown Tulsa one night. He was pretty beat up. Took a couple weeks to get him healed up. We did search for his owners but, we ended up keeping him forever with no regrets. He’s been a tremendous addition to the family. We’re very proud of him for getting his ESA certification. We also have a Beagle who’s about 5 years old. Another Rescue, from The Humane Society. She was our mange baby. Today she’s covered in beautiful spots and she’s the sweetest pup you’ll ever meet. I had Bella, my Westie, when Jason and I met. She’s 8 years old now and my very best friend. Our oldest is coming up on 18 years old. Pod, our senior citizen is a spunky Pomeranian. Jason’s best friend since childhood. We had a scare with him this month. He was attacked by a large dog in the building and we weren’t sure he was going to pull through. Several medications and hourly checks for a couple weeks. After 2 weeks of him avoiding all contact and wanting to be left alone, he woke up very early one morning ready for snuggles. I can’t tell you the rush of relief we had. He’s back to his old self. Running circles around the apartment and barking at the other dogs for playing too rowdy around him. Boy did we miss those barks.


 Reuben and Bonnie have a Vizsla named Vizzy. He’s all over our Instagram and Twitter. The original ESA of the family. He had a tough month too. Poor little guy caught a stomach bug that’s native to the area. After a tough week of frequent potty walks, medication and a strict diet, he’s back to his normal, sweet self. Both Rosenblatt families are clearly huge dog lovers, they keep us busy and very happy. Even through all the chaos at home we were able to stay on track at OkieB Headquarters. The launch went well and we’ve been listening to your feedback. Many changes have been made to the website, and we’re not done yet. Our main focus is to make our diapers available to any household that is interested in cloth diapering.

There are so many things to look forward to this summer. In the next two weeks we will be introducing new prints on the website. If you want to see them first, be sure to follow us on social media. We've been working hard on a program that will allow you to pick your own print, every time. Be patient, it's coming! We should have it fully operational by the end of the month. We recently rolled out a Summer contest. While shopping our site you will be prompted with a pop­up, allowing you to enter in to win.  We’re packing up a diaper bag with all the OkieB goodies you love.

Stay tuned OkieB Family. Many exciting things to come.

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  • Daria Ezzat-Ahmadi
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