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August can be such an exciting month. I used to anticipate enrollment for weeks! Finding out what teacher I would have, maybe meeting a new classmate or two, and best of all, getting the class supply list. I knew back to school shopping would follow. At this point, I had already been reading and memorizing the weekly mailers advertising all the coolest supplies each store would carry. Each store would get it’s own wishlist. Hitting the school supply aisle is still my favorite. I’m guilty of getting carried away and buying more than I would ever be able to use. Some sticky notes are just too cute to pass up!

I no longer have a need for traditional school supplies. That doesn’t stop me from buying a fresh box a crayons and a cute notebook or two each year. I also have a pretty impressive glue collection, not to brag. But my first love is planning. I have a beautiful planner with all the pens, washis, stickers and accessories any gal could need. And I use it! I fill it up with every task, thought and goal in my head. Sure it’s easy to pull out your phone and use voice controls to set reminders and write notes. But there’s something about pulling out a pen and pad of paper I will never get tired of. Even when we do inventory at OkieB headquarters, I sit down with colorful pens and a pad of paper and count. It later gets handed off to be put into our inventory program. What can I say, maybe I’m old school :)

Do we have any other planner addicts out there in the OkieB family?

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  • Daria Ezzat-Ahmadi
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