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Fall has arrived here in Denver. The mornings are cool, the leaves are changing color, and everyone (me included!) is breaking out their sweaters and scarves. It’s snuggle weather! I’m really loving it. Fall is a pretty new Season for me. Back in Tulsa, OK we had mini Falls. The leaves would start to change color and the weather would cool down a bit but, not quite enough to break out your scarves. Before the leaves had a chance to actua lly fall off the trees a storm would generally blow through town freezing everything. You would wake up one morning and there would be ice covered tree limbs in your yard and in the streets, bushes that were flattened by heavy ice. Fall was officially over after that. No more color until Spring. Denver is truly beautiful and I couldn’t be more excited to be here. Check back after Winter and snow season starts ;) We’ll see if I still feel the same way.

OkieB had a fantastic summer with multiple giveaways and great sales that allowed us to do what we love: give back! The more families that try cloth, the more we learn about the huge impact we can have. It’s not all business - We learn so much about the families that are using cloth. I feel like our family gets a little bigger with every order. It’s never about throwing diapers in a box and mailing it out and hoping you use them the most effect way. A relationship is formed. There are very few customers that one of us at OkieB hasn’t had a personal exchange with. It’s so wonderful to know that your family cares as much as ours! We learn tips and tricks, hear concerns and find solutions for all sorts of day to day experiences your family faces.

I literally have so much new information in my head that I decided a new blog post was necessary . This will be a space where I’m going to share a few washing and stripping tips that our mom’s and dad’s have sent us over the last few months. Feel free to leave a comment or even email me directly if you have anything you’d like to add!

Let's start with the basics. Cloth diapers should be washed every two to three days. We've learned when washing cloth diapers powdered detergents tend to work better than a liquid detergent, and leave less buildup. Our Mom’s Favorite: Tide Powder.

Mom Pro-Tip: Add a 1⁄4 cup of baking soda to every load. Diapers will come most clean when washed with warm water and rinsed with warm or cold.

Knowing if you have hard water is very important! If you are washing your diapers in hard water, it’s very likely they will have a mineral buildup. An easy way to know for sure is to pick up a water testing kit. It’s usually as easy as dipping a test strip in water and matching its color to a chart. Diapers that have been washed in hard water will need to be stripped.


Start with the basics when stripping. Don’t bother with any fancy detergent or cloth diaper stripping agent. All you need is HOT WATER. Wash your diapers with no detergent or additives. Simply wash on hot and rinse on warm.

You may find if your diapers are holding a heavy ammonia smell a hot water strip may not completely rid the diapers of the smell. The next thing you’ll want to try is simple sunlight! Not everyone has a clothes line in their backyard. Don’t fret! A simple drying rack in a sunny window or a balcony will work just fine. It only takes a few hours.

Many moms rave about white vinegar. And we don’t blame them! It’s a household staple that can be used for endless things. Including stripping your diapers. Start with the hot water strip but, if you come up unsuccessful, try vinegar. Add a cup to vinegar to either a hot/warm or warm/warm cycle. No detergent. Vinegar only. We also learned you can use baking soda in the same fashion as vinegar. Same routine just replace the vinegar with baking soda.

Learn anything new? Agree or disagree? Let me know! I’m truly listening and love to hear what our families are thinking.

Happy Diapering!



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Cloth Diaper Donation


Here at OkieB we think it’s important to make cloth diapers available to all families. It’s a healthy choice for baby and it has a huge positive impact on the planet.

We aren’t the only ones who feel that way. The Rebecca Foundation has made huge strides helping endless families, blessing them with the gift of cloth diapers. Rebecca and her mother Amanda started the foundation in 2012, when Rebecca was only 9 years old. They understand that some families can’t keep up with disposables because of the constant need for more, and are unable to cloth because of the upfront investment. They found a way to help by easing the initial cost. They loan cloth diapers to families for up to one year. During that time the families are able to slowly build their own stash or use their diaper money on other baby expenses. After a year the diapers are returned, cleaned and sent to another family in need. We are really blown away by the fantastic program they have built!

This month we sent over a case of cloth diapers, as well as inserts and wetbags. We couldn’t be more excited to contribute to such a wonderful organization. It wouldn’t be possible without our OkieB family. You guys make our donations possible. Please find The Rebecca Foundation on social media, check out their website w and tell your friends. Together we can do so much good for the community. #cloth4all

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August can be such an exciting month. I used to anticipate enrollment for weeks! Finding out what teacher I would have, maybe meeting a new classmate or two, and best of all, getting the class supply list. I knew back to school shopping would follow. At this point, I had already been reading and memorizing the weekly mailers advertising all the coolest supplies each store would carry. Each store would get it’s own wishlist. Hitting the school supply aisle is still my favorite. I’m guilty of getting carried away and buying more than I would ever be able to use. Some sticky notes are just too cute to pass up!

I no longer have a need for traditional school supplies. That doesn’t stop me from buying a fresh box a crayons and a cute notebook or two each year. I also have a pretty impressive glue collection, not to brag. But my first love is planning. I have a beautiful planner with all the pens, washis, stickers and accessories any gal could need. And I use it! I fill it up with every task, thought and goal in my head. Sure it’s easy to pull out your phone and use voice controls to set reminders and write notes. But there’s something about pulling out a pen and pad of paper I will never get tired of. Even when we do inventory at OkieB headquarters, I sit down with colorful pens and a pad of paper and count. It later gets handed off to be put into our inventory program. What can I say, maybe I’m old school :)

Do we have any other planner addicts out there in the OkieB family?

Happy Birthday to Me 0

Summertime has always been my favorite. July specifically. Growing up, summer meant nearly 3 months off from school, biking through the neighborhood with my bestie and finding pools to spend the day at. On the weekends, my parents would pack up my brother and I and we’d head to the lake. I remember getting so tan it would last me through the Winter.

The number one reason I love July... It’s my BIRTHDAY MONTH. And believe me, it’s a full month of celebrating.

Now that I’m getting older I still love summer every bit as much. And I still love to celebrate my birthday. For many people the excitement of growing older dims. I don’t see that ever happening to me. I love any reason to celebrate. One tradition my father and I have managed to keep going over the years is birthday camping. This year I will be celebrating my 30th year on this planet, and just like previous years, I’ll be heading to Oklahoma to meet up with dad for an adventure on the lake. I figured as long as I’m celebrating all month, my OkieB Family should get to celebrate too!

The Fourth of July Sale went so well I’m going to keep it going the whole month of July. Buy any 3 diapers and we’ll include a 4th diaper completely free. Free shipping too! You’ll be able to pick all four prints, if you’d like. Or I’d be happy to surprise you! A birthday month is the perfect time to be surprised ;) Thanks for celebrating with me!

Me and my 2 brothers somewhere near a campfire

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Pups and changes! 0

                What a month it has been! Jason and I have 4 dogs, Baron you’ve met, he’s our toddler Pit we found in downtown Tulsa one night. He was pretty beat up. Took a couple weeks to get him healed up. We did search for his owners but, we ended up keeping him forever with no regrets. He’s been a tremendous addition to the family. We’re very proud of him for getting his ESA certification. We also have a Beagle who’s about 5 years old. Another Rescue, from The Humane Society. She was our mange baby. Today she’s covered in beautiful spots and she’s the sweetest pup you’ll ever meet. I had Bella, my Westie, when Jason and I met. She’s 8 years old now and my very best friend. Our oldest is coming up on 18 years old. Pod, our senior citizen is a spunky Pomeranian. Jason’s best friend since childhood. We had a scare with him this month. He was attacked by a large dog in the building and we weren’t sure he was going to pull through. Several medications and hourly checks for a couple weeks. After 2 weeks of him avoiding all contact and wanting to be left alone, he woke up very early one morning ready for snuggles. I can’t tell you the rush of relief we had. He’s back to his old self. Running circles around the apartment and barking at the other dogs for playing too rowdy around him. Boy did we miss those barks.


 Reuben and Bonnie have a Vizsla named Vizzy. He’s all over our Instagram and Twitter. The original ESA of the family. He had a tough month too. Poor little guy caught a stomach bug that’s native to the area. After a tough week of frequent potty walks, medication and a strict diet, he’s back to his normal, sweet self. Both Rosenblatt families are clearly huge dog lovers, they keep us busy and very happy. Even through all the chaos at home we were able to stay on track at OkieB Headquarters. The launch went well and we’ve been listening to your feedback. Many changes have been made to the website, and we’re not done yet. Our main focus is to make our diapers available to any household that is interested in cloth diapering.

There are so many things to look forward to this summer. In the next two weeks we will be introducing new prints on the website. If you want to see them first, be sure to follow us on social media. We've been working hard on a program that will allow you to pick your own print, every time. Be patient, it's coming! We should have it fully operational by the end of the month. We recently rolled out a Summer contest. While shopping our site you will be prompted with a pop­up, allowing you to enter in to win.  We’re packing up a diaper bag with all the OkieB goodies you love.

Stay tuned OkieB Family. Many exciting things to come.

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