About OkieB

Who is OkieB?

OkieB supplies modern cloth diapers, at affordable prices, to growing families interested in providing the benefits of cloth diapers to their baby while also saving money, time and waste.

Meet the HBIC

Co-founder and current owner of OkieB, Daria Ezzat-Ahmadi

Born and raised in Tulsa, OK. Loving life in Denver Colorado.

Dog obsessed. Obsessed, you guys! Fur mama of 3 darling dogs Bella, Nala and Pod.

Planner nerd. You won’t catch me without it!

Crafter extraordinaire! Free time spent sewing or knee-deep in paper crafts.

Sucker for a mystery or detective novel.

Lover of all things green. Tree hugger. Earth Enthusiast.

OkieB is dedicated to sustaining the Earth in the cutest ways possible.
Daria with Nala (left) and Bella. Girl’s best friend.